Jumping From Cliffs


Edit: I wrote this post about a week before the great man died. He will be much missed, but his advice and inspiration will linger forever.

So, why Jumping From Cliffs?

I was out of work and 18 months (on and off) into the putative novel now known as Dark Energies and massively doubting whether there was any point in continuing with it. Who was I to think I could write? Why put myself through the embarrassment and potential humiliation of committing my innermost thoughts and feelings to paper, thinly cloaked in the disguise of characters I’d invented? Then, serendipitously, I stumbled across this extraordinary interview with Ray Bradbury:

Writer Ray Bradbury on jumping from cliffs

I didn’t know his work well and am still unfamiliar with far too much of it, but I had read Fahrenheit 451. His love of books and writing shines through in this interview, as does his enthusiasm, spirit and love of everything to do with the written word.

His exhortation that

You have to jump from cliffs every day and build your wings on the way down

should be tattooed on all our foreheads at birth.

Backwards, of course, so we can read it in the mirror.

Watch and wonder people, the man is pure authorial inspiration wrapped in a casing of skin. Like a wonderful sausage.


2 thoughts on “Jumping From Cliffs

  1. omg–I love this! I see why you used it. I think my favorite part of the interview is the prowling cat and the dinosaurs 🙂 I wonder if this means sparkly leprechauns will surface in my fiction because that’s what I loved when I was 6..


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