Now You See It…


…and very soon you won’t.

A book written in disappearing ink? It sounds like the stuff of childhood spy fantasies but now it’s all come true.

Which of us didn’t spend hours writing notes using lemon juice or top-secret kits purchased with our hard-earned pocket money from the ads in the back pages of the comics? I know I certainly did… before I discovered girls obviously.

Now, “The Book That Cannot Wait” (El Libro Que No Puede Esperar) has come along as an extraordinary writing/art concept. From the day the book is opened, you have two months to read it before the words vanish irrevocably.

You can read all about it in this article at Springwise – but be quick ;o)

Oh, and check out that cover too – I love it.


3 thoughts on “Now You See It…

  1. When I first saw this book, I laughed. Then, I laughed harder when I began to wonder… Would a book with vanishing ink really be worth the buy? What if the author is only attempting to cover up and hide shoddy workmanship? What’s funnier is, anyone who purchases the book for said amount, has two months to copy every word in the book into a notepad or computer document in order to save what will eventually vanish; given that the content of the book is worth keeping.

    Not a book I will bother with. Trying to pass it along to family, friends, and children would result in a shocked expression, though it could be used as a diary or journal once all of the ink has faded.


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