NaNot This Time


I had every good intention of attacking November in the full spirit of NaNo, with the same gusto with which I grew a ludicrous ‘tache for Movember a couple of years ago.

But when it came to it, I fell at the first hurdle. I simply couldn’t commit the time to crafting – or even hacking – over 1500 words a day.

Couldn’t, or wouldn’t? I could beat myself up and say I failed. I could torment myself with how I could have squeezed the extra hours in somewhere. I could bemoan my lot for having such a busy existence and too many competing demands on my time.

I could, but I won’t

The simple, honest truth is that I didn’t want to crank out 50,000 words I wasn’t enjoying writing for the new book which is supposed to be a thing of joy and delight. I write because I want to. Because I love it. Having just finished the first novel, where I jumped in at the middle and fought my way out, I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of planning and plotting the next.

Which is very much unlike me. I don’t do planning.

So it was a conscious decision NotToNaNo, rather than a can’t-be-bothered, finding-an-excuse type of a thing.

But, to all you NaNoers out there, I doff my cap in genuine admiration and wish you all immense success with your endeavours. May the words fly from your pens like doves at an Olympic opening ceremony.

Now stop reading this, you’ve got writing to do!


5 thoughts on “NaNot This Time

  1. I had no intention to NaNo this year, partly for the reasons you already listed and partly because I believe that a good story need time to marinade rather than being cranked out like a string of sausages.
    However, after finally self-publishing my debut novel, I dived right into the sequel – only to realise that I had begun on Movember 1st!
    1000 words on the first day? Not bad. 500 on the second? Not so smart. None on day 3. still, I was already 1500 words forward, so I will now continue to write regularly, but not at the breakneck pace that NaNo requires.


    • I think pacing it according to the time you have available is a sound plan. Hopefully you’re growing a ‘tache at the same time – I like the synergy of watching facial hair grow and increase in depth at the same time as a novel 🙂


    • I think a lot of people feel the same way. I’m not saying NaNo cheapens writing, in fact I believe anything that gets people unleashing their creativity is a good thing. But it does feel a little forced and unnatural. Horses for courses I guess.


  2. I’m not a fast writer (see my post on “Swoopers and Bashers”), so NaNoWriMo has never been on my calendar. And, being a part-time foodie, I lose at least four days to Thanksgiving! I prefer to work steadily over the year than in a craze of frustration for a single month.


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