You Say You Want A Resolution



Happy New Year!

This week, it seems every post I read has been expounding upon New Year’s resolutions, fresh beginnings and goals to be achieved.

Never one to allow a bandwagon to roll by un-jumped, I thought I’d share mine as well.

Quite simple really: writing.

Now, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Not since the year I failed to stop drinking, failed to give up caffeine, failed to get fit, failed to become wealthy and failed utterly to find myself driving a Rolls Royce Corniche around my private castle in Monaco flanked by a bevy of dancing girls force-feeding me chocolate mini-rolls.

So this year, I set myself one goal. I plan to write at least something every day for 365 days. Sounds easy, but is actually terrifically daunting. What if I’m busy, ill, tired, out socialising, etc. etc?? All the usual things which get in the way of all our writing aspirations.

I figure I should still be able to find just 10 minutes to write something… anything! It may be a few swift additions to a character back-story for Novel Number Two. It may be a more considered outline for a new short story (another sort-of resolution – turn some of those sketches that will never stretch to novels into short stories). Or it may, on the really good days, be a full 3 hours or more of charging joyfully through flowing prose.

Whichever way up, it’s the exercise that counts. Am I right people? Just like getting fit, or singing (I guess) or training your memory, it’s the act of doing something which improves your strengths therein. Or so I hope.

Some of that work may make its way onto this very blog. In fact, I may have to cheat very occasionally and say that a blog post counts as my writing for the day.

Bending the rules already and I’m only 4 days in.

Whatever your goals aspirations, dreams and self-promises for the year ahead, I wish you all a fantastically productive and fabulously creative 2013!

May the muse be with you.


6 thoughts on “You Say You Want A Resolution

  1. Quite a challenge – good luck. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with counting blog posts. Any blog posts that are worth reading take thought and care just like any other writing exercise.


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