Wait… How Many??

You mean to say you read the whole thing?

You mean to say you read the whole thing?

I stumbled upon this rather wonderful list today and was slightly shocked by how few I have actually read.

The 100 Greatest Novels Of All Time

My tally is 22.

Well, 21-and-a-half if I’m truthful. I’m ashamed to say I gave up on Moby Dick during one of the more turgid religious tracts. Or was it the 12-page description of the interior of a Massachussets chum-bucket? I forget.

What’s your score dear readers?

15 thoughts on “Wait… How Many??

  1. Thirteen-and-a-half. I had to be very strict with myself, because I felt like ticking off more than I’d actually read because for many I know the story and characters and so on. That doesn’t count, does it? 🙂


  2. electronicbaglady

    I got 39, plus a bit for Lucky Jim because I don’t really take to Kingsley Amis (I know, it’s heretical). Quite a few were force fed at school though so I’m not sure they count…
    Scary how many I have on a “to read” list but have never got around to


      • electronicbaglady

        I haven’t been reading much over the last couple of years because of eye problems – recently much improved. I have about 20-25 feet of book shelf filled with books to catch up on – and those are only the paper ones! I hoard books like a dragon hordes gold 🙂


      • Heh 🙂 WordPress on a smartphone is never easy. Depends which 8 you’ve read – if it’s 8 of the very long/highly intellectual/conceptually abstract ones, give yourself extra points. I did once read the New York Trilogy and didn’t understand a single sentence. I still have no idea whatsoever what it’s all about.


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