Now We Are One


Happy Birthday Jumping From Cliffs

It’s just over a week since a landmark passed me by unnoticed.

Jumping From Cliffs turned one year old this month! I published my first ever post on the 23rd of May last year.

It’s quite extraordinary where the time goes isn’t it??

It set me to thinking about what, if anything, I’ve achieved in my writerly ambitions in that time. And you know what? Actually quite a flippin’ lot thank you very much!


  • I have finished the first draft of Dark Energies
  • I have made my first pitch to a real-life baby-eating literary agent
  • I have courageously shared a sample of my writing with the unsuspecting public at large (yep, that’s you lovely people)
  • I have won awards (thank you all again!) – some of which I have taken up, others of which I simply had to put on a back-burner due to lack of time and a dearth of captivating facts to impart about myself

And the list continues…

Well poke me with a fish-fork if that isn’t really quite a lot for 365 days. Who would have thought it when that first tentative post staggered and stumbled its newly-born way into the spotlight glare of the internet?

However, two things in particular stand out as the finest and proudest moments of my journey so far…

1) I have learned a truly STAGGERING amount about the art and craft of writing which drives all of us through every waking – and many a somnolent – moment. It has been said far more eloquently by far greater writers than I, but immersing yourself in creativity and surrounding yourself with talented people really does teach you far more than you ever thought possible.

Which leads me, in customarily long-winded manner, to the other Most Important Thing:

2) I have met the most incredibly supportive, encouraging, talented, enthusiastic, creative and utterly unspeakably wonderful (and, of course, terribly beautiful) bunch of fellow blogging writers that any man could wish to have yomping along by his side.

Yep, that’s you lot again.

Your blogs, along with your comments on mine, have taught me, encouraged me, motivated and inspired me beyond measure.

So grab yourself a piece of cake and a fancy party hat (mine’s the pith-helmet) and join me in celebrating! And, unless I get eaten by a Tyrannosaurus, I’m thoroughly looking forward to continuing this amazing adventure over the next 365 days.


6 thoughts on “Now We Are One

  1. Wow! How inspiring…you’re really going to make it! Or have already made it. Either way, you’re a proper writer and everything. I’m on month 3, I think…(I’ll have to check) and in that time I have written a few short stories, 3 of which I actually like, written a lot of posts about my modern day migration to Calcutta and have started my 3rd novel…the other two are still incomplete and were started years ago…This one I’m hoping to finish! You are officially my hero, my inspiration for today! Thank you 🙂


    • Hahaaa 😀 Thank you for probably the most extraordinary comment I’ve received in my year-long blog journey! That completely made my morning. If you’ve managed to make it to several completed short stories in 3 months, then you’re far ahead of me in the creativity stakes. Good luck in pressing on with that novel and thanks again for putting a big grin on my face 😉


  2. Jon
    Belated congrats on your landmark date! My one-year celebration is fast approaching too (mid-July) and I’m staggered by how much has changed in that time. Just goes to show how dedicated and hard-working we both are, eh? 😉


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