NaNoWriMo again?

Someone please wake me up when NaNo is over.

Now, I’m really terribly sorry if I sound like an old grump-bucket at this point, I really am, but…

If all us jolly writer-types spent as much time writing novels as we did writing about how arduous/daunting/trouser-dampeningly terrifying NaNo is, there would be several billion more finished novels in the world.

And yes, I do know I’ve just added to the word-count. I’m allowed. Just because.

If I read one more NaNo-related post, I may have to shut myself in a biscuit tin and pretend to be a fondant fancy for the month.

Still – best of British to all my bloggy chums who are participating this year. You’ll all be amazing (genuinely) and I still love you all really.

Now, someone pass me the lid and set the alarm for the 1st of December…


12 thoughts on “NaNotAgain!

  1. You’d best climb into that tin, cuz I’ll be posting, ooh, about four to five more NaNo-ish posts on the blog before November 1st, not to mention what I’ll post DURING November! 😉 But I won’t be posting about how SCARY it is, I’ll be posting about how AWESOME and necessary it is, especially for writers who tend to procrastinate in actually doing that thing called writing. Or, you know, for those writers who really have very little free time – THIS IS THE MONTH to write that damn novel, so the rest of the year you can focus on editing/selling the thing. That’s what I use it for. To START, or FINISH, all in one go, it’s ONE MONTH of putting off life hardcore so that you can just GET.IT.DONE. 😉 But don’t worry, I’ll wake you up when it’s all over with!


  2. janeykate

    What’s NaNo? I’m assuming it’s something to do with writing, am I the only person out there who hasn’t got a clue what this is?
    Jane x


    • I think you may be Jane, yes 😀

      NaNo is short for NaNoWriMo, which is the rather daft abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month. Even ‘National’ is a tad inappropriate, as it’s fast becoming a global writing phenomenon/event/pain in the bum.

      The general idea is that you spend the month of November traumatised, stressed, isolated, hungry, unwashed and frantic attempting to crank out an entire 50,000-word novel. You can find the full details here:

      Apparently it’s supposed to be fun… I gave it a crack last year and managed precisely 3.5 days before i dissolved into a gibbering heap and burned my putative manuscript in a ceremonial pyre in the jam aisle of Tesco’s.

      Good luck with it! 😉


      • janeykate

        You know what, I don’t think I’m a writer, or even an aspiring one! I guess I’m not the average blogger in that I don’t aspire to be a novelist. And I’m definitely not a tortured artist, starving in a garret, whilst sweating blood and tears over my next great offering to the world! I’m more an online diary writer who is interested in other people and their lives, which is why I love WordPress!
        Jane x


        • Nothing at all wrong with that; there are plenty of bloggers who have no aspirations to write a novel. Simply wanting to express your thoughts for others to share is every bit as much a creative exercise as creating a reality inhabited by figments of one’s imagination. In fact, some of the most fascinating blogs are exactly that. Most of us writers just bang on about writing and how hard it is and how little we’ve achieved – gets really dull after a while 🙂


          • Which, incidentally, is why I try NOT to do that on my writing blog! 😉 Instead I try to put things in a positive light, while being realistic – it’s important to recognize the little steps of progress, and to realize it’s a very looonnnnnnggggggggggggggggg process for novelists. I struggle with that myself from time to time (you read the juggling post ;)), but overall I have several mantras I repeat to myself over and over that help to keep me sane…. O_o Also, I’ve found going to conferences helps a LOT with the impatience factor…. ha.


  3. My shelter of preference is a wooden crate, lined with memory foam for A) sound deadening and B) Comfort. Biscuit tins resonate too much for my liking, plus spoon-wielders can cause havoc on metal surfaces with very little effort


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