NaNoWriMo again?

Someone please wake me up when NaNo is over.

Now, I’m really terribly sorry if I sound like an old grump-bucket at this point, I really am, but…

If all us jolly writer-types spent as much time writing novels as we did writing about how arduous/daunting/trouser-dampeningly terrifying NaNo is, there would be several billion more finished novels in the world.

And yes, I do know I’ve just added to the word-count. I’m allowed. Just because.

If I read one more NaNo-related post, I may have to shut myself in a biscuit tin and pretend to be a fondant fancy for the month.

Still – best of British to all my bloggy chums who are participating this year. You’ll all be amazing (genuinely) and I still love you all really.

Now, someone pass me the lid and set the alarm for the 1st of December…