Should I?


I have been ‘sort-of’ challenged to take part in NaNoWriMo (you know who you are!)

Anyone who’s read my post It’s About Time will appreciate the combination of excitement and abject fear this causes me.

1200 words a day??

How I’d love to. But there’s also work, cleaning, family, moving house (again), cooking, cleaning, eating, washing, ironing.. aaaaarrrggghhhh!!

I guess I could give up sleeping for 6 hours a night but, hey, everyone’s entitled to one luxury right?

Do I? Or don’t I?


16 thoughts on “Should I?

  1. DO IT! My friend and I were going to last year but we didn’t. Now that I’m almost done with one book, I finished it this summer, I would love the challenge to write a book in a month. Also from the blogs I’ve seen about it last year, there’s a lot of authors who participate, there’s a whole community of writers for support, it’s great. So at the urgence of some of my writer friends, I’m in.


  2. I say do it but do it for funnies not for monies 🙂
    Don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed. One of the worst things is feeling guilty when you don’t write anything/have time to write anything. We’re all human. We all have busy days.

    I’m going to follow you for inspiration! We can encourage each other in our endeavours. – and watch me write a novel in a year!


    • Thanks for the encouragement! It’ll definitely be for fun not money – if you call waking up at 2am sweating thinking “I’ve only done 100 words!!” fun 😉

      I’m really looking forward to seeing how your novel-in-a-year comes along – I’ll be watching with baited breath…


  3. The key to NaNo is getting words down. Any words. It’s about writing fast without thinking. And if you do that you can write 1200 words in about an hour – maybe just over – but my point is it doesn’t take as much time as you expect. So if you do have an hour a day to spare – go for it. If not, well, maybe you should see what you can do with the time you do have. So what if you don’t make it to 50k – 10k in a month is still impressive, right? And the community that surrounds it really helps you to write – especially when you don’t feel like it. It’s good for motivation.


  4. oh yes…do it…i’ve done it for the last three years…not exactly the novel i’m wanting, but getting closer…and it’s an amazing high…you challenge your writing buddies with daily word counts…group energy…to think everyone is manically pushing his/her pen..


  5. Wow, you do have a lot going on already (thought I guess life’s just kind of like that), but I agree with the others. Do it for fun and hopefully you’ll get at least more words out then you would have otherwise.


    • Thanks for the encouragement! I am now fully signed-up and raring to go. I’ve decided life’s probably never going to be calm enough not to be an excuse, so let’s throw caution to the winds and see what happens. Hurrah!!


  6. Do it. Book at least a few days holiday if you can. The community, and the progress towards your target, are a huge help.

    And you’ll be amazed how much you can get down if you really have to make up ground. I managed nearly twenty thousand words in the last 2.5 days of NaNo 2010… it’s was a horrible draft of course, but the point was just to get myself writing again. And for that it was invaluable. I know others who’ve used the time to work through second drafts – it doesn’t all have to be fresh material. Use it for what you need to get done.


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